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What is the Clean Power Plan?

The Clean Power Plan was established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set guidelines for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in each state to advance the cause of decreasing greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere.

So, how do we set these guidelines?

Many states are using fossil fuel-fired electric generating units to supply power to citizens. These units, known as EGU’s, are found to produce high levels of CO2, contributing to the levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. In order to cut these emissions, the EPA determined that EGU’s can be altered to work at lower temperatures, switching to lower-emitting natural gas combine cycle units instead of steam generating units, and reduce our energy reliability of fossil fuels but instead shift to other natural resources.

Why does this affect me?

The Climate Science Special Report (CSSR) found that our climate is changing at a noticeable rate. Research generated for this report shows that average temperatures are on the rise, severity of extreme weather events are increasing, and the balance of ecosystems globally is being altered. Human interference has been shown to contribute to these factors.

Additionally, these power plants provide countless jobs to American Citizens and reliable energy to millions of households. Altering them or closing them all together will affect the job market and economy with the magnitude of the impact still unknown.

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