Comment Examples Against the CPP Repeal

Use these examples to formulate your comments against the Clean Power Plan Repeal.

RE: State Interests

“Repealing the Clean Power Plan (CPP) without an Out-Side-The-Fence replacement, will endanger the safety and security of the United States. The CPP provides Federal guidelines for states to follow, allowing states to customize to their needs. By leaving regulation to the individual States, the Federal Government will place a heavier burden on those States directly affected (costal states) and leave other states free riding on the substantial cost of climate change. We are a United States of America, so it is crucial we unite the states to fight climate change rather than divide them.”-Anonymous


“The current administration recently released the Climate Science Special Report, which was prepared by thirteen federal agencies and leading climate scientists. This report states that human hydrocarbon emissions are the most likely cause of global warming and dire consequences will result if not mitigated. Refusing to listen to the current administration’s own science report, will violate the EPA’s regulation requirements and set our country down a destructive path.”-Anonymous 

RE: Legislation

“Repealing the Clean Power Plan (CPP) without a replacement directly violates the settlement from NY v. EPA and violates the Supreme Court decision in Massachusetts v. EPA, where the Court ruled that the EPA must regulate carbon emissions. A repeal without a replacement is not an option the EPA can take.”-Anonymous