Comment Guidelines

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Tips for Submitting Effective Comments

  1. Make sure your comment is submitted by 11:59pm EST on ­­­­­­April 26, 2018.
  2. Add something personal – how climate change or power plant closures may affect you.
  3. Address trade-offs and opposing view-points or suggest an alternative.
  4. If you use a pre-drafted comment, add additional information of your own.
  5. An information rich comment is more likely to have an impact on regulatory decision-making.
  6. Use facts to support your comment.
  7. Be respectful and don’t attack the previous administration, the current administration, Scott Pruitt, or the EPA. Argue for or against the repeal, not individuals or political parties.
  8. You don’t have to comment on every issue. Select issues that concern and affect you the most.
  9. Constructive comments are going to have the most influence, so be appropriate if you want your comment to be taken seriously.
  10. Copy your comment and save to a word document prior to submitting. This will ensure that if there are any problems with the submission process, you won’t have to re-write your comment.